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Vortex Network

Originally invited to be a plugin developer from the start of the server, I officially joined the development team not long after, migrating it to a network. I have since maintained the Ubuntu-based infrastructure backend, the 3 websites and a discord bot along with plugin development.
From intrusion detection and prevention to general sysadmin work, I've gained a lot of real world insights into how actual system administration on a cloud might feel like, and it taught me how to code as a team, use CD/CI technologies, and a lot more that I wouldn't have expected from developing a minecraft server.

Project since July 2017


Ever since I started using Discord back in 2016, it has been my favorite communication platform; Everything just felt intuitive and simple yet customizable. With this newfound favorite, I started digging into everything it has to offer, and I eventually stumbled upon the officially supported bots and their API.
Having only started programming by then, it proved to be a great opportunity for me to learn and test my skills while making helpful utilities for my daily use. Throughout the years, it has evolved from a single 8ball to 50+ different commands, hardcoded values to per-guild configs, and from one giant class filled with if-elses to a multithreaded framework supporting nested subcommands.
It is currently semi-public as there are still a lot left to do; However, feel free to add it to any servers if you find it useful too 😊

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Spigot Plugins

As one of the most fasinating games I've ever played, I've spent countless hours on the technical side of Minecraft, whether it was redstone or command blocks. Eventually, with a private feature being heavily requested on a server I played frequently back then, I decided: why not try programming it myself and give it to the server instead?
With only basic C knowledge and having only created simple utilities, it proved to be a challenge, but it also was what really sparked my interest in computer science. I created and published several more plugins in the coming years, before moving on to creating custom plugins for vortex network.

Project since Dec 2016 · on hiatus